Phew, we have managed to cancel what needed to be cancelled.
We are now finishing to prepare fee transfers, vouchers and other options for you to choose in regards to postponing ŁUT 2020 to 14th-16th May 2021.
Please find the following:
On Tuesday, 27th October 2020 you are going to receive emails with individual links to the forms, with which you will decide what to do with your entry fee. You will have three weeks to decide, that is until Tuesday 17th November, 23:59 C.E.T. The options are:
- Fee transfer to the event in May
Your entry will be transferred to May, together with the fee. You can tick this box in the form, but it is also going to be the default option, which means that if you do not enter the link and do not fill the form, your entry fee will be automatically transferred to May.
- Voucher in the amount of payment
You are going to get a voucher to be used for any event organized by Ultra Foundation in 2021 and 2022, ie. Łemkowyna Winter Trail, Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® (October edition), Maraton Wigry, or - if someone is fed up with running - a trail bike race Szuter Master.
- EKO-support
Your fee is going to be utilized in 70% for an eco project of the Foundation (financing of a photovoltaic installation for one of schools in the Low Beskind, more info to come), the rest 30% will help the operations of the Foundation in these uncertain times.
- Ultra Foundation support
Your fee will fully help the statutory operations of our Foundation.
- Return of 100% payment within no longer than 180 days
in compliance with the bill dated 2nd March, 2020 on COVID-19.

Runners who wish to change the race distance for the event in May, will be able to do it on standard conditions and within bib availability on certain distances. We will start transfers from one distance to another once the fee transfer option will have been completed.
We have been asked about the possibility to sign up for the event in May for those who have not been registered already. Once we will have completed the above protocols and know how many runners have been transferred to May, we may open registrations for the remaining bibs if available.