Registrations will start 30th November 2022, 7PM Warsaw Time.

Maximum number of BIBs available for the following courses:

LUT 150 – 550

LUT 100 – 500

LUT 70 – 500

LM 48 – 500

LT 30 – 500

Below rules apply to both rounds of registrations:

  1. There will be possibility to change the course till the end of September: making your course shorter with no cashback, change course for longer one with covering costs of difference between fees.
  2. Transfer BIB for other person will be able till the end of September with additional cost of 50 PLN and difference between actual fee and the bought one.

If the competitor wishes to cancel his registration, cancellation must be notified by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The procedure of reimbursement:

Cancellation date:


till 28th February 2023


1st March - 30th June 2023


1st July - 30th September 2023


after 30th September 2023


To register for Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® you need:

1) to fill the entry form correctly

2) to pay the entry fee:

- the best by payment card on Blue Media part of entry system. Online payments are available on entry system.

- by bank transfer (if so, please send us confirmation ASAP):

Holder of the account: Fundacja Ultra

Address: Parkowa 19/14, 38 – 400 Krosno, POLAND

IBAN number: PL 62 1090 2590 0000 0001 4381 7968


Bank name: Santander Bank Polska

Please provide registration code or your name, surname, course (LUT 150 / LUT 100 / LUT 70/ Lemko Maraton / Lemko Trail) in the title of your transfer, f.e. 'Jack London, LUT 150'

3) for ŁUT 150 you also need to prove your ITRA points (at least 6 points obtained in no more than two races) or mountain running experience – please provide us link to ITRA profile or name of the event, distance, elevation (+/-) and direct link to your results during registration in proper form.

Entry fees:


LUT 150

LUT 100

LUT 70

Lemko Maraton 48

Lemko Trail 30

till 31st December 2022

389 PLN

329 PLN

239 PLN

179 PLN

149 PLN

from 1st January till 31st July 2023

459 PLN

389 PLN

289 PLN

219 PLN

189 PLN

from 1st August 2022

529 PLN

449 PLN

339 PLN

259 PLN

229 PLN


Calendar ITRA: 


Responsible for online payments is Blue Media S.A. company.

Available payment cards: 
- Visa
- Visa Electron
- MasterCard
- MasterCard Electronic
- Maestro

In case of cashback for transaction made with payment card, Seller will make return of founds for bank account related for payment card of Buyer.