Krosno Miasto Szkła is our Partner for the third time.
Our base and the main Race Office are both located in Krosno.

We moved the Race Office this year from the tent located at the central Market to Arena Krosno, located solely few minutes from the Market, at ul. Bursaki 29. This change allowed us to have much more space and thus – to organise the Expo and Łemko Café with a chill-out zone for you.

When and where is it possible to take BIB? Below you will find answer.

Please do not plan it too late and remember about verification of compulsory equipment during BIB's distribution!

Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 150
Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 100
- Krosno, Arena Krosno, Bursaki 29, 38-400 Krosno:
Thursday, 11.10.2018 between 17-22
- Krynica Zdrój, Pijalnia Główna, aleja Nowotarskiego 9/3, 33-380 Krynica-Zdrój:
Friday, 12.10.2018 between 13-23

Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 70
- Krosno, Arena Krosno, Bursaki 29, 38-400 Krosno:
Thursday, 11.10.2018 between 17-22, 
Friday, 12.10.2018 between 13-23,

Łemko Maraton 48
Łemko Trail 30
- Krosno, Arena Krosno, Bursaki 29, 38-400 Krosno:
Thursday, 11.10.2018 between 17-22, 
Friday, 12.10.2018 between 13-23, 
Saturday, 13.10.2018 between 7-10.

fot. 1 -, Arena Krosno, Bursaki 29, Krosno
fot. 2 -, Pijalnia Główna, aleja Nowotarskiego 9/3, Krynica Zdrój

  1. Remember, tonight we are closing the registration. At the moment, we have got 49 BIBs for ŁUT 150. Other races are full.
    So, if you want to run ŁUT 150 - don't hesitate - register and pay now!
  2. Transport before and after the race. ?
    Want to get to the start or from the finish line with a bus? Tickets available here:
    It will be possible to buy them till September 12th.

We're really pleased to inform you that BUFF became our Silver Partner! This means brand new Łemko design on BUFFs and #BuffTeamPolska hard fight in the wild land of Lemkos! Can't wait for this! BUFF thanks you trust us!

P.S. Have a look at the picture and try to guess, if Marcin Świerc FanPage is going to run one of our races? Which of our courses would you like to meet him on?

Any of you want to prepare for LUT with us?

Just 4 weekds before the race we invite you for an amazing trip to Lower Beskid mountains. We're going to show you the most interesting places on the race, share experiences on gear of our winners, but also our running guide will show some most amazing places you won't be able to see during the event. We will also work on some skills you need for the muddy terrain (core stability and flexibility). Our friends physioterapists from Gabinet rehabilitacji Profirehab Grzegorz Skorus will meet you individually to examine your possible weaknesses and and give you last advices how to avoid injuries.

Who is coming in September?

More Details:

Do you want to meet world famous star on the Lemko trails in October? Hell we do!!!
Just help us to convince real Coconino Cowboys from Arizona - Jim Walmsley to come to Poland! We would love to see the King of Crazy Pace beating the course record in Beskid Niski mountains!
What to do? Just post pictures and videos of your trainings or healthy diet (pizza:). Tag them with #lemkojim . Instagram, Facebook, whatever you want! Upload thousands of them!

Post on Facebook


Have you heard about Ultra Cup Poland? It's brand new formula in Polish ultra community! 10 courses, 4 events with great trails and highest quality! Our ŁUT 150, ŁUT 100 and ŁUT 70 among them!
You can check the results after first edition - really winter event Zimowy Ultramaraton Karkonoski:

Soon you will meet UCP crew in expo space at the biggest races in Europe. Hopefully you will also read about UCP in your favourite magazine! Want to taste more trails in Poland? Just come to Zimowy Ultramaraton Karkonoski, Biegi w Szczawnicy, Dolnośląski Festiwal Biegów Górskich and Łemkowyna Ultra Trail.


We are after the draw, so here are some most importants things you should know.

From all registered and paid runners for LUT 70 and LUT 100 we drew people who are now on the reserve list.

ŁUT 70 - reserve list:
ŁUT 100 - reserve list:

If you are not on the reserve list - all you need is to train hard.
If you are on the reserve list you have 3 options:

1) Wait till somebody from the main list cancel. Every man cancelled from the main list is one man moving from the reserve list. A lot of people cancel every year and we reckon all of you have great chance to get onto the main list. We will move people from the reserve list in the same order as you were drawn (you have numbers to make it easier).

2) You can cancel your participation and we will send you back 100% of your entry fee. Let us know by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you decide so.

3) You can change distance for the one which is not full (at the moment 150, 48 and 30k). You need to make additional payment if the course is more expensive or we will give you back the difference if the course is cheaper. Also let us know by email.

In case there are still some people on the reserve lists on 6th September (final date for all registrations), then we will give you back your entry and erase the list.

We don't want you to stress during Christmas, so here is the date of 2018 registrations:

18/01/2018, 7pm Warsaw Time
The event itself will take place 12-14/10/2018
Book your holiday then!

We have some brand new ideas!

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