Were you late with the buses?

Today, October 2nd, 7 PM Warsaw Time, we will open the last sale of the tickets.

But remember first come, first served and there is no many of free seats in the buses.

Also not all hours would be still available. So save the date!


Are you afraid of our lottery?
No more thrills then! Our computer has drawn the potential finishers!

If you chose ŁUT 150, ŁUT 70, ŁM 48 or ŁT 30, then you could relax! The list is full only for ŁUT 100. But luckily we decided to move 50 BIBs from ŁUT 150 into ŁUT 100. So we drawn not 100 but 150 lucky athletes. The other 9 are on the reserve list and within few months they will probably get into to the main list. So hopefully all of you could run with us in October!

So it looks like you can open a bottle of champagne right now!

You will find lists here:

ŁUT 100 reserve list: https://b4sportonline.pl/LemkowynaUltraTrail/lista_uczestnikow_lemkowyna_ultratrailr_100/2038?is_reserved=1&lang=en


Come to Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® and visit Podkarpackie Region! Beautiful Autumn landscapes will amaze you!

Registrations will be divided into two rounds: WINTER (10th December 2018, 7 PM Warsaw Time) and SUMMER (30th July 2019, 7 PM Warsaw Time)

The event itself will take place 11th-13th October 2019.

Book your holiday then!

More details soon!

Almost from the beginning of Lemkowyna history, Województwo Podkarpackie is our Partner.
Of course this year wasn't different - we're so glad to have such Partner! Województwo Podkarpackie - thank you!

#województwopodkarpackie #podkarpackie #łut2018

Below you can find before-the-race announcements for this year edition of Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail®.


Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 150
Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 100
Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 70
Łemko Maraton 48
Łemko Trail 30

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