It's April 20th, so we want to give you more info about the May event. Here are some key points:

1. WE RUN!

The most important info is you will be able to run with us in May. Of course some thins will be changed due to the pandemic restrictions, but we want you to feel the vibe of our event as much as possible.
Unfortunately we needed to change some essential rules:
- no mass start. You will be divided into 4-people groups (according to ITRA performance index). Every group start every 30 seconds.
- neither self-service nor eating allowed at the aid stations. Our volunteers will serve you with prepackaged food and you will eat outside the aid stations.
- no sleeping allowed in aid stations - we know it is hard for 150k, but that's the reality we live in.
- no main race office like in the following years. Every course will have their own race office in the town of the start. More info soon.
- no concerts, party, sleeping and hot showers at the finish line. Medal, deposit, toilet, take away food is all we can offer this year. Sorry.


Łemko Trail 30 – race office (Puławy Górne) Saturday afternoon, Sunday mornig, start: Sunday 16.05.2021, 9:00-10:00 AM
Łemko Maraton 48 – race office (Iwonicz-Zdrój) Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, start: Saturday, 15.05.2021, 7:00-8:00 AM
Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 70 – race office (Chyrowa) Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, start: Saturday, 15.05.2021, 9:00-10:00 AM
Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 100 – race office (Krynica-Zdrój) Friday, start: Saturday 15.05.2021, 2:00-2:30 AM
Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 150 – race office (Krynica-Zdrój) Friday, start: Saturday 15.05.2021, 1:00-2:00 AM

Tickets for the bus shuttle from/to start/finish will be available this week.


Full Rules&Regulations will be published within 2 days from now.


Those who are not able to come, can resign until April 26th. You can contact us and get the voucher instead. With the voucher you can pay for Łemkowyna 2021, 2022 or any other event organized by us (@Maraton Wigry, @Szuter Master) till the end of 2022.

There is possibility to register for the May edition. We will open the formon Thursday 22.04.2021 (7:00 PM Warsaw Time) till 26.04.2021 (11:59 PM).

7. COVID-19

Remember that the fact we organize the event doesn’t mean the pandemic is over and it is 100% safe. We remind you to assess your own situation on your own. We will do our best to make it safe, but there is no 100% solutions these days. Also please remember we are very strict about the rules. We will be very serious about disinfection, social distance and wearing face masks. Once decided to come, please help us to make it as safe as possible
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Our plan was to announce the schedule for our spring edition.

Unfortunately the situation in our country is very dynamic and nobody is able to plan few weeks future. The current restrictions (in power at least until April 18th) are clear - no sport events, no hotels or restaurants open. In such circumstances it would be hard to organize anything, but we hope the situation would change before May.

We know it is hard to prepare the trip and yourself for the event, when you don't know the hours, final rules, accommodation possibilities etc. But we want to ask you for some more patience. We promise we will decide until April 20th, just after the decision about further restrictions would be made by our government. Will you wait for us?

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Phew, we have managed to cancel what needed to be cancelled.
We are now finishing to prepare fee transfers, vouchers and other options for you to choose in regards to postponing ŁUT 2020 to 14th-16th May 2021.
Please find the following:
On Tuesday, 27th October 2020 you are going to receive emails with individual links to the forms, with which you will decide what to do with your entry fee. You will have three weeks to decide, that is until Tuesday 17th November, 23:59 C.E.T. The options are:
- Fee transfer to the event in May
Your entry will be transferred to May, together with the fee. You can tick this box in the form, but it is also going to be the default option, which means that if you do not enter the link and do not fill the form, your entry fee will be automatically transferred to May.
- Voucher in the amount of payment
You are going to get a voucher to be used for any event organized by Ultra Foundation in 2021 and 2022, ie. Łemkowyna Winter Trail, Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® (October edition), Maraton Wigry, or - if someone is fed up with running - a trail bike race Szuter Master.
- EKO-support
Your fee is going to be utilized in 70% for an eco project of the Foundation (financing of a photovoltaic installation for one of schools in the Low Beskind, more info to come), the rest 30% will help the operations of the Foundation in these uncertain times.
- Ultra Foundation support
Your fee will fully help the statutory operations of our Foundation.
- Return of 100% payment within no longer than 180 days
in compliance with the bill dated 2nd March, 2020 on COVID-19.

Runners who wish to change the race distance for the event in May, will be able to do it on standard conditions and within bib availability on certain distances. We will start transfers from one distance to another once the fee transfer option will have been completed.
We have been asked about the possibility to sign up for the event in May for those who have not been registered already. Once we will have completed the above protocols and know how many runners have been transferred to May, we may open registrations for the remaining bibs if available.

After long hours of struggle, gathering information, consultations and analyses of different scenarios we have come to a difficult decision of postponing Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 2020.

As many of you already know, the resolution of Polish government dated 16th October 2020 on pandemic regulations has not introduced major changes to main restrictions on sports events. In theory, we could go on with the event in waves up to 250 people, according to the decisions and permits we had earlier received and the safety protocols we adopted.

The current law principles are not, however, the only factor we need to take into consideration while preparing a safe and quality event that would resemble a sports event with competition. In the last few days the circumstances have drastically changed and that is why we have to put it off this fall. What has made us decide to do so?

Our medical crew is ready to operate in these difficult times. Both mountain rescue teams and additional medical staff confirmed they are ready and willing. However, in certain severe cases our participants are being transferred to emergency rescue personnel. In our history there have been 10 such cases, and some of them included serious threats to participants’ lives. It is crucial to have the ambulance come as fast as possible to transfer the injured runner to the hospital.

Recently there have been more and more cases of many hours’ waiting for an ambulance and cases of people being rejected hospital admission. Statistics show that this trend may be increasing in the coming week.

In such circumstances, even the best personnel of the organisation team is not able to assure your safety, which is our obligation. It is not only a risk of long awaiting for a RTG scan of a broken limb, but a direct threat for the life of a runner who would succumb to hypothermia in freezing temperatures of the second night at LUT150. We have got too much respect for human life, health as well as each and every one of you to allow such risk, even if it would not be “our” fault.

The amount of participants and volunteers who are sick or quarantined

In the last week we received dozens of questions about the possibility to refund or transfer the entry fee because of COVID-19. I some cases it were the whole families and groups of friends, which were supposed to come and couldn’t anymore. This tendency is also increasing and there might be large numbers of people who would not be able to come. We want you all to be able to come and would be heavily missing the ones who wanted, but were not allowed.

We have got around 200 volunteers every year, from all over Poland, who come for a few days or the entire week. They come for free and for you, to assure your best experience. And they are, just as the medical staff, ready to serve you. Unfortunately in the last few days many of them had to cancel. We have been looking for replacements, but again the statistics show that this problem may be aggravated.

Law principles uncertainty and lack of vacatio legis

Even if we assume the best possible scenario and disregard the three above mentioned factors, there is one severe threat to the event. It is the way new law is being introduced, without consulting it with the society groups, at random and in illogical manner. Government resolutions have been published only a few hours before they take force. Increasing numbers of COVID-19 positive test results make it very likely that we are going to face new restrictions in the next few days. Nobody knows if they will concern sports events. No vacatio legis means that it might be that you would come and pick up your bibs, and then we would all be told that we need to go home. It would be the worst scenario, and unfortunately it is very likely to happen.

We know that you miss running, the Low Beskid and the amazing people you meet here. Nevertheless, we need to wait for the big event to happen. It might be that sometimes we just need to give up, and maybe it is the best solution. That is why we are so sorry.

We did everything for us to meet in Low Beskid, but this time it is just too risky. There can be only one worse scenario - to cancel the event on Friday. If we do not act now, it is likely to happen.

Many people say Low Beskid is the most beautiful in October, but we would love to invite you in May, when the grass is the greenest and the trees are blooming - and so are we. Let’s meet again on 14th-16th May, 2021!

We are going to provide you with detail on how to transfer fee or have the refund within next few days.

President of Ultra Foundation - Gabriela Gajdzińska
Race Director - Krzysztof Gajdziński
Executive Director - Piotr Chachaj
Medical support coordinator - Rafał Jakubowicz

Subcarpathia is the very south-east region of Poland. Our race is located here. It's not only great terrain for any adventure you could dream about. It is also full of great people eager to meeting you here.
Subcarpathia is as usual, strong Partner of our event. Thanks!

Dear runners, some news for you.

1) We're publishing updated timetable of the event. All starts, race office hours and award ceremonies are included.
2) Our starting lists are here:
ŁUT 150, ŁUT 70, Łemko Maraton and Łemko Trail split into 2 groups. We will use ITRA Performance Index. Fastest run first, so check your starting group.
3) Shuttle buses tickets are not available for sale now. But there is a chance to buy the free seats onsite.
4) Finish line deposit (60 liters max.) may be submitted before the start of the race. Also 150k runners can submit the 80k change-bag.
5) To avoid crowds in the race office, this year you required gear will be checked on the route.
6) Updated maps and profiles of all courses are available on our website.
7) Want to rent GPS tracking for ŁUT150k, ŁUT100k and ŁUT70k participants?
Trackcourse transmitters available here:
8)Support - this year, we cannot allow your family, friends and supporters to help you at the aid stations. But we know it can be much harder to run without their presence. We decide to arrange support zones on all routes except 30k. You will find coordinates of support zones in google maps linked above. You can get their help only there. Please note that not a single supporter will be allowed to enter the aid stations.
9) We're making some changes in our regulations due to the new antiCOVID regulations issued by the Polish government on Saturday. They will be ready and pubslihed soon.

You're probably in the middle of your preparations for our race. To make it easier, we have some update:
1) We're publishing updated timetable of the event. All starts, race office hours and award ceremonies are included. You'll find it here:
2) Last night we also updated timetables of our shuttle buses according to changes in the event. Buses going to starts of 70, 48 and 30 k have two departure times. You will be assigned to the one according to the starting gropu you'll get.
Tickets are available here:
Those who bought tickets before the update will get an email about changes in their departures.
3) Athletes who are already registered and paid will be assigned to starting groups (A/B) this week. We will use ITRA Performance Index. Fastest run first.

How are your trainings for ŁUT? 
We hope you stick to the plan, because we start our final preparations! 
Nothing is 100% sure, because nothing can be nowadays, but it looks like you would be able to compete in Beskid Niski on weekend of 23rd -25th October.
Of course covid is not over yet, so we had to make some adjustments. Those obvious ones like facemasks, desanitizing hands, no publicity are rather easy to understand but we also have to split the event in small pieces to avoid gathering crowds. That’s why the timetable of the event has changed:
- ŁUT 150 - split into 2 groups, start at 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM on Saturday (24th Oct)
- ŁUT 100 - split into 2 groups, start at 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM on Sunday (25th Oct)
- ŁUT 70 - split into 2 groups, start at 7:00 AM and 7:30 AM on Sunday (25th Oct)
- ŁM 48 - split into 2 groups, start at 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM on Saturday (24th Oct)
- ŁT 30 - split into 2 groups, start at 7:00 AM and 7:30 AM on Saturday (24th Oct)
We know those changes could cause inconvenience for some of you, especially those registered for ŁUT 70 and ŁUT 100 as dates of those distances have been changed. We are so sorry about that. It was lesser evil in our situation. Otherwise we would be forced to cancel the event at all. But runners registered for ŁUT 70 and ŁUT 100 are allowed to get the full return of entry fee or they can choose to run next year or change their distances this year with no additional fee.
Because of complexity of this situation we extend the deadline for registration, changing distances etc until Semtember 30th.
Within next few days we will send also the manual how to change hours of your buses bought in our store. Also more details about race office working hours and procedures will be available soon.
If you are still not registered - there are free BIBs in every distances, so do not hesitate now!

Can't wait for 2020 dates?
Some details below:

We meet in Beskid Niski on 23rd-25th October 2020.

You can choose 6 courses: 150 km, 100 km, 70 km, 48 km, 30 km and sunday Vertical Breakfast run.

Registration starts on Tuesday December 10th, 2019, 7 PM Warsaw Time.

More details and new regulations available on Monday.

Now you can start your weekend thinking which course would be your favourite for 2020.

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