We werea about to close the registrations. But it looks like you're getting hungry very late this year. Tens of registrations every day convinced us to estend the periond of the registrations until 11th October. But don't wait now! Register ( and get after it! Such sunrises need to be earned!

Registration for October will be open at least till the end of September. 
Date: 23-24.10.2021 r.


See you!

Please check Before-the-Race announcements and read it carefully:

Dear Runners,

1) Download, print and sign your participant card.

2) Take PARTICIPANT CARD to the race office and collect the BIB numer.

Some most important info you ask us about:
1) The map of the event is available here:
You’ll find start areas, race office, support spots here.
2) We don’t have mass start during this edition. You will be divided into groups of 4 people (according to ITRA performance index). Every 30 seconds 1 group starts.
3) No GPS Trackers available this year. Sorry.
4) If we have any free seats in buses, we will let you know.
5) You need to collect the BIB number in the race office. This year those offices will be located next to the start areas (not in Krosno as usual). Please plan your visit in the race office as soon as possible. We want to avoid crowds in last minutes before starts.
If you have any other questions, let us know here!

Some of you still hesitated about coming or not. So we decided to extend period of registrations and cancelling your participation. Yesterday Polish Health Ministry informed that hotels, pensions, B&B wouldn't be closed due to COVID restrictions. Even restaurants (outside terraces only, but still) will be open.
REGISTRATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS will be possible till 11:59 PM tonight.
BUS TICKETS will be available till 11:59 PM on Saturday May 1st.
So do not hesitate and come into Beskid Niski!

Anybody needs a lift to the start line or from the finish line?
All tickets are here:
Prices are much more expensive than last years, but we can book only 50% seats due to COVID restrictions. Sorry.
For foreign runners it can be hard to buy. Due to very short time we couldn't open payments with cards and platform is in Polish only, but please let us know (mail or messenger) what tickets you need and we will book tickets for you manually.
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