Dear Runners,

Last few days we got a lot of your resignations. Mostly from LUT 70 runners, so we decided to open additional registration with 30 free BIBs. The rules of the registration:

1. Today, 12th September 2017, 9PM Warsaw Time we will open the registration form. It will be open till 13th September 9PM Warsaw Time or till the last free BIB is sold:) The registration link:

2. Once you registered, you need to pay the entry fee 230 PLN, not later than Thursday, so we got money not later than Friday. The best option is PayPal - you can send money directly from this site: .

If you want to change the course you already choosed and run LUT 70 it's also possible. You just transfer us: 50 PLN if you are alredy paid for LM48 or 70 PLN if you are already paid for LT30.

If you are already registered for different course, but willing to run LUT 70 you need to register one more time in the additional registration.